More Photography Hacks

I have a shower curtain liner in my camera bag. Do you? You should! It is one of the extras that I use the most frequently. If the ground is wet or muddy or sandy, I can spread the lightweight liner out in a few seconds and kneel or lie down without messing my camera or my clothes up.

It also comes in handy if it starts to precipitate and I need to cover my equipment quickly. I can also hide under it and change lenses in windy conditions, especially when there is blowing sand or mist. Protecting the inside of your camera is vital for keeping spots off your sensor.

As I’ve mentioned before, perspective is important in photography. A few weeks ago, we had a heavy dew and thick fog one morning. I noticed an elaborate spiderweb in the yard. I was feeling lazy and tried to take pictures of it from a stooped position with my telephoto lens.

While pretty, I knew I wasn’t capturing the fog too. I finally went and got my shower curtain liner, changed to my micro lens and took more photos while lying flat on my stomach. The resulting shot was worth the extra effort, in my opinion.

(On a side note, I always keep another liner in the linen closet to protect the floor and bedding if anyone comes down with a stomach bug. Trust me, it saves a ton of laundry!!)

Another handy, inexpensive addition to my camera bag is a 99ยข spray bottle with water in it.

It’s small enough to fit in an outside camera bag pocket, which means I don’t have worry about it leaking on my equipment. It comes in super handy if during a photoshoot the morning dew starts to evaporate or doesn’t exist to begin with. I’ve used it on everything from flowers to grapes to fruit.

Let me know if you carry anything unusual in your camera bag and why!

Thanks for reading and happy snapping!